Glimpses of Old Cebu
Glimpses of Old Cebu
Glimpses of Old Cebu
Glimpses of Old Cebu
Glimpses of Old Cebu

Glimpses of Old Cebu


Images of the Colonial Era

Lucy Urgello Miller

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About the book: 

In this volume, Lucy Urgello miller offers her readers a wonderful opportunity to take a signifcant glimpse into Cebu's past. The book makes available to all of us the photographic images that she has accumulated over many years of dedicated collecting. These images of the past allow us to observe many aspects of Cebu's development almost as far back as the beginning of photography itself. Given the realities of today, it is rather remarkable for us to imagine that for nearly four hundred years of its history, Cebu city was a relatively small community located within a half-mile of the shoreline between Fort San Pedro and San Nicolas. With an emphasis on the 20th century, Lucy Urgello miller's photographs permit us to observe Mandaue (even Consolacion) and pardo (increasingly Talisay) as well as climbing up into the foothills that overlook this historical coastline. Her meticulous effort to identify the photographs and to provide some of the historical contexts contribute even further to the significance of the publication and make it a valuable contribution to our efforts to reconstruct Cebu's past. -------- from the foreword by Michael Cullinane


Publication Date: 2010
Language: English
Format: Hardbound
Pages: 276 pp.
Size: n/a
ISBN:   971539020X

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