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Looking Back 10
Looking Back 10
Looking Back 10
Looking Back 10

Looking Back 10


Two Lunas, Two Mabinis


Ambeth R. Ocampo


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About the book: History is more complex than our textbooks make it out to be. History is not about memorizing ‘facts’ or reacting emotionally, but being critical of facts and various narratives.

In Two Lunas, Two Mabinis, popular Philippine historian, teacher, and columnist Ambeth R. Ocampo recalls his conversation with Teodoro Agoncillo and his take on the two faces of both the short-tempered Gen. Antonio Luna and the “Brains of the Revolution,” Apolinario Mabini. Ocampo writes the merits and other historical tidbits connected to the recently shown Heneral Luna, a locally produced and written historical film that has proven to be a cinematic and commercial success. Ocampo also tells of little-known stories about Josephine Bracken, Jose Rizal’s lover, especially on what happened to her after Rizal’s death.

Publication Date: 2015
Language: English
Format: Softcover
Pages: 100 pp. 
Size: 177.8 × 127 mm
ISBN: 978-971-27321-2-6


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