My Country's Godly Heritage
My Country's Godly Heritage
My Country's Godly Heritage
My Country's Godly Heritage

My Country's Godly Heritage


The History of the Philippines in Biblical Perspective 

Fedinand V. Melendres


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About the book: “My Country’s Godly Heritage narrates the captivating story of the discovery of the earliest traces of Christianity in Asia, in general and in the Philippines, in particular. It includes the original and innovative reconstruction of the development of Christianity in this land from the time of Nestorian and Manichaean missionaries when the first Indian and Chinese merchants settled in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao as early as the tenth century, followed by the Roman Catholic priests when the European colonizers conquered the land in the sixteenth century, and then the Protestant missionaries when the American forces invaded the entire archipelago and wrested sovereignty from the Spaniards. The book helps to shed light on various aspects of the Philippines’ godly history in parallel with some biblical accounts that were unknown to modern scholars and historians. The author’s earnest desire to affirm the solid and strong godly historical foundation of the Philippines is not only commendable; it has led to one of the most fascinating revelations ever-written in the country’s secular and religious history” (Alberto Roxas Cordero).

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