The Story of Abaca
The Story of Abaca
The Story of Abaca
The Story of Abaca

The Story of Abaca


Manila Hemp's Transformation from Textile to Marine Cordage and Specialty Paper

Elizabeth Potter Sievert


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About the book: 
A human story told through the experiences of farmers, traders, and entrepreneurs who cultivate, market, manufacture, and promote the Philippine abaca industry. . . . “What makes abaca so exceptional that it was the most sought after fiber for marine cordage by the U.S. Navy and that, today, this same fiber is essential to the production of such specialty papers as a simple teabag?” Sievert found the answer in the abaca plantations, research laboratories, manufacturing plants, and offices of abaca traders and government agencies she visited in the Philippines, and in other parts of the world.

Publication Date: 2009
Language: English
Format: Softcover
Pages: 310 pp
Size: 152.4. x 222.25 mm
ISBN: 971-550-584-8