Women Who Stay
Women Who Stay
Women Who Stay
Women Who Stay

Women Who Stay


Seafaring and Subjectification in an Ilocos Town

Roderick G. Galam


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About the book: 
Women Who Stay addresses the question of how women married to seafarers are shaped by migration and how they in turn shape migration. Looking at subjectivity as social becoming, it examines how Ilokano, Philippine, and global historical and economic processes have shaped the women’s lives and experiences. While offering a culturally nuanced account of how women in an Ilocos town have navigated the spaces and times of their lives, the book also engages with broader social issues and concepts making it of interest to scholars and students of gender, migration, family, subjectivity, and the global maritime industry.

Publication Date: 2018
Language: English
Format: Softcover 
Pages: 238 pp
Size: 146
ISBN: 971-550-848-0


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